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Welcome to my new website losers.. I am Goddess Alexis. As you can see, I am a strong, beautiful, ALPHA GODDESS! I am divine perfection. I am on here to allow you losers who have worshipped me from a far, to contact Me, to serve Me and to be completely controlled by Me.. I totally adore dominating, humiliating and using losers like you!

Just one glimpse of my images and you felt completely helpless. Just one glimpse of my images and you were reaching for your credit cards, logging on to your online banking and trying to think of ways you could pay me. One glimpse of my images and you were offering to work for me.

And so you're now going to give in and together with many other submissive wimps, you will work hard every day to drain more funds into my accounts, to shower me with more gifts and to put me on an even higher pedestal.

Don't keep me waiting losers!

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